Seedy Sunday 2017

image of the owners of muscott seeds standing behind their booth at peterborough's seedy sunday seed exchangeOh the joy of planning the coming year’s garden. Thoughts full of hopes and plans and visions of growing and harvesting and bright bounty.

image of jill bishop behind her booth at peterborough's seedy sunday seed exchangeEach year Jill Bishop (above right) of Urban Tomato organizes “Seedy Sunday.” It’s and event at which gardeners can buy and exchange seeds, talk gardening, and learn the latest info about what’s good in growing things.

image of the owner of bear root garden standing behind their booth at peterborough's seedy sunday seed exchangeSeed savers like Muscott Seeds (in the first photo) and Bear Root Gardens (above) have booths where you can buy seeds and talk planting.

image of booth for ontario invasive plantsBut there’s also lots of good info about how best to create sustainable, low maintenance, good for you and good for the planet gardens. Ontario Invasive Plants (above) and Peterborough Pollinators (below) show the way to make a garden that is beautiful and diverse, doesn’t introduce invasive plant species that can threaten farmland and wildlife, all while helping the bees and butterflies.

image of three attendees from peterborough polinators at their booth at seedy sundyIf you missed Seedy Sunday this year, keep an eye on Jill’s blog in March next year and come get your seeds on.

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