Lamb Update, Eye Portrait, More Suburbs

poprtrait image of stomp, the eweWent back out to check in on the wee sheepsies.

Mamas and babies are all doing very well.

image of three lambs gambolling in their pastureThere’s bouncing and bounding and bleating and bahhing.

portrait image of boom's lambAnd their little faces are still right up there on the adorable scale….

image of the photographer reflected in the eye of a horseI also checked in on how the two horse beasts were doing. And here, you can see Caz checking in right back.

image of strip mall parking lot north peterborough ontarioAnd for those of you who are wondering where my suburban project it at – it’s still mulling around in my head, mostly. I haven’t taken too many photos since the suburbs here continue to be painted in February gloom.

A break in the weather this week has seen some change in the setting, but I’m still waiting for the blushes of spring to really dive in to my study of the edges of the city.

A few weeks yet, I expect. But the suburbs will be there waiting.

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