Sheep Make More Sheep

image of a ewe and two day old lamb nuzzlingLast week I posted some photos of the sheep at the family farm I was house sitting and mentioned the ewes were close to having their lambs.

image of a ewe and lamb almost posing for a family portraitWell, I guess we were closer than I thought. Less than 24 hours after that post, this little lady was waiting with her mom in the barn when I got up to do the morning feed.

image of a two day old lamb looking very cuteShe’s about as adorable as a wee lamb can be.

image of a day old ram lamb looking adorableThe next morning, this little guy was still in his mother’s belly. The little guy below was born first, and “wobbly” above was kind stuck with just his back feet sticking out.

But not to worry. A little push from mama and a little pull from my astounded (and suddenly very gooey) hands and he slipped out with no trouble.

His legs took a while to shore up and he’s had a bit of a rocky gait, thus the nickname Wobbly. But he’s up and about and bouncing around with his brother and sister and doing just fine.

image of a lamb looking defiantly and invitingly at the camera with a funny look on his faceThey’re all doing just fine, thank-you very much.

Wanna come play?


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