Ice on the Lake and Sleeklens PS Workflow Test

image of ice crust on rice lake under sun warmed cloud coverI went out to one of my favourite spots to check out the ice situation.

image of chunks of ice crust on rice lake under sun warmed cloud coverThe ice has clearly expanded and contracted quite a bit in the last weeks and has created some dramatic rifts.

image of ice and rocks on rice lake under sun warmed cloud coverThis lake sometimes takes on an otherworldly look. I imagine the surface of Europa.

image of sunset reflected in the ice on rice lakeIt was warm, this particular evening, though. And the sunset was quite gorgeous reflected in the surface. The buoys, the trees and the docks certainly situate this closer to home. Which is good. I just love this view.


I was also invited to test some workflow software for Photoshop that has been developed by a company that calls itself “Sleeklens.”

They sent me their “Landscape Adventure” workflow, which is a series of actions that are imported into Photoshop that you can, with one click, apply to your landscape photos to get various effects.

For advanced Photoshop users there might not be too much here that you aren’t already able to do, but it can be handy to have the actions in a single click setting.

For those who are new to photo editing and Photoshop, the actions could be a real boost to your workflow and could help you edit and correct your photos quickly and easily.

The actions can be used to change tone, exposure and colour temperature. There are also effects under the headings “Base,” “Enhance,” and “Specialty.” These actions add special effects or create more detailed changes to your photo as you apply them.

The gallery below shows a handful of the effects applied to one of the shots I took on the icy lake.

Click on the photos to see what effects have been added.

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