Macro Lens Test

macro image of a cat's muzzle showing whiskers and noseToday was the day to test my macro lens.

Oppenheimer was very patient to sit while I stuck my lens in his face. Right in his face.

macro image of the photographer's hand reflected in the sidelong glance of a catHe wasn’t thrilled to have the edge of the lens an inch from his eye though, so I only caught this sidelong glance, reflecting my fingers as I work the camera.

macro image of michael's eyeMy friend was much more prepared to sit and let me poke my gear up close. Close enough, again, to be reflected in that lovely eye. [Now I understand the need for a macro light ring for pro shots.]

macro image of a box elder beetleAnd this guy/gal showed up. I don’t think s/he was that interested in the new gear, but did seem to wonder if it was their reflection they were looking at in the lens.

Yes, this is one of those dreaded Box Elder Beetles. I, like everyone in Peterborough, am surrounded by them. And when the house is warm in winter a few of them wake up and come out to see what’s up.

You’re getting your picture taken, friend. That’s what’s up.


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