Winter Suburbs and City

image of sleepy new suburb with half moon setting and bright street lampIn keeping with my idea to do some suburban studies, I headed out in the cold wind of last night to see what I could see in one of Peterborough’s newer suburbs.

The moon was setting over this little cul-de-sac.

Everyone was asleep and all the lights were out. I wonder what they would have thought if they’d looked out the window and saw me, tripod set up, taking snaps of their “little piece of heaven” blanketed in new snow.

image of the city of peterborough at night taken from the north in winterAlthough not entirely suburban, this shot, a few minutes later, shows much of Peterborough under the new snow, glowing into the night.

The trees in the foreground are lit up by the parking lot lights in the plaza behind me. It kind of adds a creepy look with the branches reaching out to the buildings. Or perhaps it’s the branches that are poking those holes in the sky…


  1. Interesting. Night time after heavy drifting snow will be interesting too. And winter full moon, but rural, to remind us of what magic nature’s cold light-bulb can do. Looking forward.

    1. Yes. And I plan to take your advice and take some daytime shots as well. Not sure yet, what I’m after with this project. But maybe eventually it will come clear.

  2. Esther you have managed to make the raw harsh and sameness of a suburb look inviting and warm with the fresh fallen snow. I love the light you have captured and you do that so well.
    The view from above with the trees is both a reassurance and a warning to mind the trees, they are there and not there. This is awesome in the true meaning of the word.

    1. Thank-you so much, Jill. After spending so many years focused on the sky, I think I’m interested to turn my camera a little more towards the earth. I’m curious to see what I’m going to find there.

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