1. If you do a study you should retake the same scene in the daytime without the fairy lights. And don’t ignore the view by rail. Haven’t used rail for some time but parts of Toronto, Oshawa, Kingston and Ottawa used to be appalling. Good luck. Cheers.

    1. Ha. It’s the fairy lights at night, over the vast emptiness, though. It’s so conflicted and compelling. But yes, the brash light of day is also revealing. And yes – the city from the tracks is a great perspective.

  2. when my sister Fran and her family lived in Newmarket (a rapidly expanding city in the GTA), their suburban home backed onto a cornfield that was there for all the years they lived there, probably gone, now…

    1. It’s the vestiges of the rural that are really amazing. Like that one farm that still stands out on Parkhill while suburban development rises up all around it. How long with that farm be there?

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