Humber Park Moon

humberparkgullsI got caught up in all the “super moon” excitement this week. I also happened to be on the west side of Toronto.

I thought I’d stop for a bit in Humber Park to see if I could catch a snap of the big ole’ moon coming up over the city.

humberparkphotogsI wasn’t alone. A gaggle of photographers arrived about the same time I did and we all set up together, waiting.

Super Moon, apparently is a term coined by Richard Nolle as an easier way to say “perigee-syzygy,” which happens quite frequently and which, pronunciation issues aside, I actually like better.

humberparkflockIt was cloudy and we were all wary that this might not be the big night for any of us.

The gulls, however, were more than happy to fly through some shots to add a little interest.

humberparkmoonThe moon did rise eventually, though, as it always does. And the clouds parted just enough for us to see it.

I’ve never had much luck with the full moon photos. But I’m ok with that. I like my moon to keep at least some of its mystery.


  1. …it is always a treat to see the world through your lens, Esther. love, d. (we got much better viewing up here in the ‘Patch).

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