October Colour

image of a small, leafless, fall tree with large colourfull fall leaved trees behindThose of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook may have seen these already, but I thought they were worth a re-post here.

The one above is called “Ambition.” I was struck by the way the little, bare tree was framed by it’s large, showy cousins.

image of a bare fall tree with a halo of textured cloudThis one is “Head in the Clouds, Roots Underground.” Kinda the way I feel, much of the time.

image of colourfull fall trees against a blue sky with sculptural cloud on the horizonWe’ve had some gorgeous weather this month. And in spite of yesterday’s snow, it looks like we’ll get a week or two of beauty yet.

image of low, pink clouds in a mauve sunset skyI’ll be ready for more snow in November, but for now, I’m happy to bask in this luscious fall.

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