Looking For a Vision (and Vincent Collection)

image of a soy field at the end of summer after a rain after a droughtIn the last couple of years I’ve been having some difficulty getting excited about my photography.

I’m still happy to do a shoot for someone. I love the paid gigs. Tell me what to take pictures of and I’m a happy photographer.

But finding my own vision has become increasingly onerous.

I’m searching…

So this week I went back out to some of my favourite spots to see if I could look at them differently.

image of a lone buoy on rice lake under a sky layered with white cloudIn the past I have often focused on the sky, the distance, the landscape itself.

This time I thought I’d challenge myself. Find something in the foreground. Make the picture about something. Not that the view, or the empty space within the view isn’t “something.” But I wanted to find a focal point.

image of a wild grape growing on a fenceline in front of a long green fieldAnd there they were. My focal points.

The top photo is about the line of trees leading up to the branches in the upper corner.

The second photo is all about the lone buoy.

The third is about the wild grape vine, catching the sun.

Below, however, there are two subjects. The road is the immediately obvious subject. My mom, though, my mom is the other.

diptych image of two directions of keene road with fields on either sideMom did a number of paintings about roads. This diptych is a tribute to her.

This month there is a show of mom and dad’s art and collection at the Gibson Gallery in London, Ontario.

You can view the catalogue, and check out some of her work on her web site.

I hope to be making a site for dad, too, in the next year.

In the mean time, go check out the show. There are a lot of unique artists represented there. Maybe you will find your own inspiration.


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