Garden Flowers

image of stachys byzantina, lambs earThe garden is doing its thing.

After four years of summer neglect, my garden is rolling along. Lots of weeds and definitely needs some tidying up, but it’s doing pretty well, considering.

The Lambs Ears (above) are happy with their temporary home.

image of common chamomileThis chamomile showed up this spring. I’ve planted seeds (after freezing them) for many years and have never really had much success with the seeds being viable. I’m wondering if this is one of last year’s attempts having made it as a seed through the short winter.

Can anyone out there identify this as true chamomile or the weedy kind?

image of bearded iris, yellow and purpleMy irises, though, have been strong throughout the years. They don’t seem to mind the neglect and have given me an excellent (although brief) display every spring.

image of oppenheimer the grey tabby sitting in the garden looking into the cameraOf course Oppenheimer is always there to help me check on the garden.

He’s not much for weeding and planting, but he is an expert at identifying the best patches of shade and the corners where the breeze is particularly soothing.


  1. Oppenheimer is part of your nuclear family, yes? I’ve always been partial to weeds, or anything green that thrives. My dad was an excellent gardener, but of course I was too busy to take the time to learn much that I now wish I had. I love to look at the world through your lens, Esther. love, d.

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