Polaroid Test

scan of a polaroid photograph of sheep resting in a snowy fieldAt the encouragement of my room-mate, and with his generous donation of some Impossible Project film, I took mom’s old Polaroid camera out with me last weekend.

scan of a polaroid photograph of a black faced ewe in a snowy fieldSomething about the farmy atmosphere seemed to call for a few test shots with the slightly expired film.

scan of a polaroid photograph of a horse in a snowy fieldI guess the cold air leaves the developing to go a bit blue. But the images (these, of course, are digital scans, but not altered) still look lovely. And very “Polaroid-y.”

scan of a polaroid photograph of a horse and his shadow in a snowy fieldIt was a beautiful sunny day, too, so there was lots of light to get into that little, tiny lens.

Not sure when I’ll bust out the kit next. It’s certainly not cheap. But it’s fun, and it reminds me of the days when every shot was fully considered and you had to take your time to get it right. No rapid fire, “take 200 pictures so that one is good” style shooting here.


  1. I remember looking out the window at the snow one extremely bright day and discussing colours with our younger son who would have been about two and a half years old. He told me that the snow was blue. It took him a while to show me the truth, but, in the end, I had to adjust my thinking rut and admit that he was right. The snow in shadow was very definitely blue.

      1. …she said:.. “art is everything…
        and everything is art…
        once you allow your eyes to sing
        and strip the armour off your heart
        ………………. …

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