Beast Minding

image of three sheep, clover, stomp and boom, snacking on their hay in their pastureI’m beast minding for a friend this weekend.

Above are Clover (the aggressive faced ram in front) with Stomp and Boom behind him.

image of horse and person reflected in a horse's eyeI think this is Caz, looking back at me with Ava and a sunrise reflected in his eye behind me. It could be Ava. We don’t know each other very well yet…

image of two horses, caz and ava, enjoying their morning feed under a rosy sunriseEither way, this is both of them, enjoying their morning feed with the rosy sunrise coming up behind the trees.

So far, it’s been a lovely, still and quiet stay. As another friend said, “nothing like a bucolic pastoral to soothe the soul.”


  1. I have no doubt you are a great Beast Minder…enjoy your time there. Are you heading to London any time in the next while? I wouldn’t mind visiting my Dad….I could meet you in Peterborough with the kids and my SUV and since you are the best driver in the world I might see if you would drive us and our vehicle to London unless you want to take your vehicle and I could cover expenses. Anyway, no pressure just a thought as I would love to get down there but since my accident have been hesitant to drive through Toronto. Would be a great way to catch up and for you to meet my kids before they all leave home (yikes). Anyway, just throwing that out there….I have no doubt we will meet up again at some point!

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