Christmas Eve Walk

image of the train tracks through pond mills, london, ontario, december 2015With unusually mild weather, a friend and I went for a walk near mom’s place.

image of the tracks beside thompson pond, december 2015I had grown up traipsing through this forested area we called “down the woods.”

I have many memories of walking along these tracks from when I was very young and into my teenage years.

image of westminster ponds 2015These ponds, the Westminster Ponds, were a bit farther than I would usually go as a kid. But a couple of winters they froze over solidly and mom and I would go there to skate.

image of westminster ponds 2015On this walk, the weather was spring like and the sun was warm and glowing across the landscape.

It’s officially a conservation area now.

I’m happy to know that this beautiful part of the London landscape will remain a refuge for wildlife as the city continues to sprawl toward the highway.


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