Norwood Fair 2015

norwood_birds_01The Norwood Fair. My fall would not be complete without it.

This year, it was all about the animals. Like the rooster above.

norwood_birds_02Or this chicken.

norwood_birds_03Or this chicken and rooster pair.

norwood_birds_04Or this duck with the poofy headgear.

norwood_birds_05Or this South American Spectacled owl. Hello there!

norwood_birds_06It’s been a long weekend and he’s been very patient.

norwood_pumpykinsOf course the fair would not be the fair without a few enormous pumpkins.

norwood_llamaOr the llama in the “petting barn.”

norwood_donkeyAnd the donkey who appeared to have had more than enough petting for one weekend.

norwood_horses_01But, as always, it’s the horses.

norwood_horses_02The horses.

norwood_horses_03The horses.

norwood_horses_04I go to see the horses.


  1. heyowdy,Esther…lovely photos…it was too bus a weekend for me to get out there, so this is extra special. love, d.

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