Going Down to Jackson – First Shoots

GDJ_Dennis_OtooleAs you may have heard last week, I’m working on a project called “Going Down to Jackson.”

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be taking pictures of people standing in Peterborough’s Jackson Creek in their rubber boots for Artsweek.

Above, my first taker, is Dennis O’Toole.

GDJ_Dubey_01The next day in the morning I hung out with Beckett and Rae while we searched for crayfish and other little swimming things.

GDJ_Dubey_02There are many mysteries and answers to be found in the trickling waters of Jackson Creek.

My roster is filling up fast, but there are still a few spaces left. I’m especially looking for adventurous folks willing to climb down into the creek in the places it appears downtown.

If you’re one of those, be sure to get in touch.


  1. back when i lived in Peterborough about this time of year most years I would wade jackson creek from parkhill to little lake, under the city, looking up the only’s skirts. it was fun to pass through underneath downtown. sometimes i would sing near road gratings so the sound would come up and people wouldn’t know where it was coming from. i would wear sneakers rather than rubber boots though because it was too deep for boots and you needed to keep your footing where you couldn’t see it. there were some spider webs, some dead bicycles, and I made sure to have a shower not long after emerging… the water level was generally a bit lower this time of year. i don’t know if it’s still possible. in Whitehorse so can’t take part but wish your project well…

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