PFF and Going Down to Jackson (get your boots on and your photo snapped)

image of the peterborough folk festival stage on sunday afternoon in 2015Last weekend was the Peterborough Folk Festival.

I missed the first two days, but was able to spend some time enjoying the sunshine and excellent music on the Sunday.

The weather was beautiful.

image of four girls playing and dancing at the peterborough folk festivalIt was a perfect day to play in the sun.

image of evangeline gentle at the peterborough folk festivalIt was also a perfect day to catch Evangeline Gentle, the PFF’s emerging artist of the year for 2015.

Check out her music and see if you can catch her playing live.

She’ll be going places. Watch for her.


Going Down to Jackson

Speaking of going places, I’m working on a project for Artsweek called “Going Down to Jackson.”

You can participate by putting on a pair of rubber boots, standing in your favourite spot in Jackson Creek and letting me take your picture for an exhibition during Artsweek.

Sign up now!


  1. heyowdy,Esther…I’ve had a half-century and more relationship with Jackson Park, and I’d be glad to be part of your project. Can one do it barefoot? please advise (I do have gumboots). love, d.

    1. Hi Dennis. I’d LOVE to have you take part. I’m asking everyone to wear some kind of rubber boot to lend some continuity to the exhibition -everyone in boots!

      It would be so great to have you take part.

      I’ll PM you and we can set up a day to go down to the creek. 🙂

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