Dusk Dances Withrow

with2015_bradWe’ve had a couple of rain days this week.

We’ve all been working really hard.

But the show is going beautifully and the audiences, lead by Mr. Crumble (Brad Brackenridge, above), are really enjoying the show.

with2015_fraserMy tech team is unbeatable and even as the sun disappears behind Toronto, we are still finishing up our work striking the sets each night.

Four more shows to go and then it’s off to Pickering.

with2015_toolsIn case you have seen me in the parks and wonder what it is I keep in all my many pockets… here are the tools of my trade that I keep on my person each evening during the show.

(Clockwise from top left: Notebook, spike tape, lighter, wallet, patch cable, utility knife, funky telescoping pen (that I love), watch, truck/park keys, flashlight with extra cord, house/guest/storage keys (with churchkey fob), velcro straps for tying cables, and my cell phone which is missing from the photo ‘cuz I’m using it for the picture.)

In a couple of weeks I’ll be home and my pockets will be considerably lighter.


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