Spring Colours

image of spring tree near brook under whispy clouds in blue skyOne of my favourite colour combinations is green, blue and white.

There’s plenty of this combo to be seen at this time of year. And so great to see it after the cold, cold winter.

image of wild flower next to dock on rice lake ontarioMy austere lake isn’t looking so austere any more.

image of new dock stretching into spring lakeThere’s a new dock here, too.

Spring is bright and shiny everywhere. Get out in it if you can. It won’t last long.


[I made a goofy gif for the new spring dock. Click on the image below and sit back and imagine you’re there.]



  1. I once had a dress of blue, white and green
    That I made myself on my sewing machine
    It has never left my eyes that scene
    Of 40 or so years ago
    Of me in the dress of blue white and green
    Now whenever I look at green spring leaves
    I think of me when I was young
    With years of blue sky in between.
    L Curnoe

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