Wearable Art and Runway Challenge 2015

James Pinesii Whetung modeling Cheryl Ellis's design with Pammett’s Flower Shop materialsLast weekend was the fifth annual Runway Challenge and Wearable Art show at Public Energy.  Amazing creations were presented by all participants.

Above is James Pinesii Whetung modeling Cheryl Ellis’s design with Pammett’s Flower Shop materials.

Carter Mahoney modeling Grace Mahoney's design with Green Up Shop materialsThis is Carter Mahoney modeling Grace Mahoney’s design with material from Peterborough Green Up.

Runway Challengers were paired with local businesses and had one month to create a design.

Beverly Brown-Chislett modeling Chris Ferguson's design with Lakefield Pantry materialsThis is Beverly Brown-Chislett modeling Chris Ferguson’s design with Lakefield Pantry materials.

All of the designs are made only from items available at the business in question.

Lyndele Gauci modeling Holly McClellan's design with East City Flower Shop materialsHere is Lyndele Gauci modeling Holly McClellan’s design made with East City Flower Shop materials.

Its amazing what the designers are able to do.

Liz Bartley modeling Amber Worr's design with Custom Copy materialsLike this detailed and compelling photocopied creation by Amber Worr being modeled by Liz Bartley with materials from Custom Copy.

Thomas Vaccaro modeling Leslie Menagh and Kelly O'Neill's design with The Endeavour Centre materialsAnd this gravity defying construction by Leslie Menagh and Kelly O’Neill with materials from The Endeavour Centre, modeled by Thomas Vaccaro.

How great is that?

Spencer Allen modeling Gillian Turnham's design with The Night Kitchen Shop materialsAnd then there’s this graphic, spinning, pyramid of geometric wonderment modeled by Spencer Allen. That’s designer Gillian Turnham standing to the left of Spencer and her design which she made using only material she was able to obtain at the Night Kitchen pizzeria (including the fact that everything was held together using flour paste).

Runway Challengers 2015And here’s the line up of all of this year’s Runway Challengers.

You can see the rest of the Wearable Art participants (as well as more photos of these folks) here at a somewhat extensive gallery. If you’re a participant, you can purchase a photo file of your work for only $1 so head on over and grab a snap or two.

What a great event.


  1. Not only impressively creative designs well modeled but excellent photography, too. Congrats to all.

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