Spring Dam

image of the london street dam in peterborough, spring 2015The London Street Dam is one of my close-by favourite spots for photos.

They’re in the process of building a new turbine station, so things will be looking different soon. [Update: A few folks have asked about the expansion project. Here’s the info: http://www.pui.ca/Generation/London_Street_Expansion.htm]

image of the london street dam at low waterThe landscape around the dam is perennially changing with the seasons and adjusting with erosion and all the other natural shifts that happen.

Right now they have the water diverted and the area below the dam is as dry as I’ve ever seen it.

image of ducks taking of from a dry river in early spring under a blue skyYou can, with some caution, walk almost clear across the river. It will be interesting to track the changes down here as they shift the flow of the river. Apparently this whole section will no longer have deep water running through it.

These ducks were napping on the bank as we walked past and startled them (only as much as they startled us).

image of run-off water fall with slow exposure (1/4 of a second)It’s spring, though, and the run-off water is fast.

[For those of you who take my occasional photo workshops – this misty effect of the water is due to a long exposure of 1/4 second.]

image of run-off water with fast exposure[This is a fast exposure of 1/1000 second – you can see each splash and bubble “frozen” in space.]

The water is burbling and splashing and heading for the lake.

It’s very late this year, with snow still hanging in the shade, but spring seems to finally be here.


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