Tour Driving – Shots through the windshield

fire_tour_2015_01I missed the last two Friday posts because I was on tour.

I spend so much time on the road these days. So much driving.*

fire_tour_2015_02Some tours are a bit more all encompassing than others, though.

fire_tour_2015_03This one was a school show with Firebrand Theatre.

fire_tour_2015_10Two schools a day. Every day.

fire_tour_2015_08Up to scrape off the van (in -37° windchills) and be on the road before 6am, sometimes 5:30…

fire_tour_2015_06To drive into Toronto and make it to the first school and have the hour long set-up process finished by 8:30 or 9am.

fire_tour_2015_09Then tear it all down, pack it all up and drive to the second school for another set up.

fire_tour_2015_05Then drive the two hours or so back home.

fire_tour_2015_04Sometimes I’d make it out before rush hour.

fire_tour_2015_07Sometimes I’d end up in the thick of it.

fire_tour_2015_11Always, all around me, the sky changed and the weather changed. And, because it’s the end of winter, each day the dawns arrived earlier and the dusks landed later.

fire_tour_2015_12And at the end of it all, I had a beautiful drive home through winding back country roads with a bit of time to spare, making my own choices about what to do when I saw signs like these.

* [n.b. – All of these photos were taken while the van was at a complete stop or crawling on the highway at 5 km/h. I might be happy to risk my life chasing storms. I really, really don’t want to die on the commute.]


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