Northern Green in Winter

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I was up north Maynooth way last weekend for a lovely visit with friends one of whom is Rocky Green who’s having a show at Gallery in the Attic in May.

I spent two relaxing days helping to sort wood, stoke fires and make dinner.

It was beautiful.

As you can see, they have a skidder.

skidder_01I was previously unfamiliar with the term skidder.

skidder_02When I first saw the word, and thinking of the north, my first thoughts were that it was slang – for mosquito (the skidders are bad this evening) or ski-do (let’s go for a rip on the skidder).

skidder_03But no, it is, in fact, a beautiful piece of heavy equipment.

skidder_04And you know how I like the heavy equipment.

skidder_05So mechanically lush and textured.

And practical. Most definitely practical.


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