Ice Storm by the River (test post apologies)

image of the london street dam in peterborough after an ice stormThere was an ice storm earlier in the week.

Well, not exactly an ice storm. It was cold. It snowed. Then it started to rain. It was warming up slowly, but the rain still froze on each surface it touched.

image of pond after an ice stormAs the day warmed up the ice began to slide in sheets off of everything.

The sound was strange and compelling.

I had to go out to take photos as the ice started to fade.

image of pine branch coated in iceThe air was quite warm (about 4­° C) when I went out and the ice had taken on a bright sheen even as it was melting away (and freezing as it melted and melting as it froze).

image of granite covered in lichen and iceThe textures of every surface were magnified and glistening under the veneer of ice.

image of the otonabee river after an ice stormBy the time I walked home, most of the ice had left the trees and railings and was even starting to melt off the river.

Since then it has snowed and thawed and there’s been melting sun and a couple of brutally cold nights.

We’re well into winter now.


And for those of you who received my test post yesterday – my apologies. I was trying out a new wordpress app and checking to see if it worked. Apparently it did. I just forgot to turn off the public parts of the posting thingy.

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