The Darkest Days (Tonic Show Reminder)

winterdock_14Even in the middle of the day it seems dark.

Everything is grey and cold and a little bit tired looking. But there’s a hint of sparkle.

winterlake_14Sunday is the solstice.

The shortest day. The longest night. The official start of winter. (6:03pm, hereabouts.)

It’s also the moment when the days start to get longer; when the sun makes it’s climb back up the arc of the sky.

Even though the deepest winter is a few weeks off, the sun is about to start putting in longer hours over this half of the planet.

wintercity_14If you get a moment on Sunday, and if the sun is out, have a look at your shadow. It’ll be almost as long as it is at sunset in June. At the same time in June, you’ll have barely any shadow at all. The light will also be more harsh. (Photo tip – don’t take your photos at noon in summer – the light is too strong and full of contrast.)

Here’s to long shadows, pretty, oblique light and cozy nights.

And for me, to stave off the dark and cold in the next month or two, there are a number of cups of cocoa with my name on them…

Oh, and don’t forget to stop in at Tonic Hair Studio for a look at my show. Up until December 31st. Pictures of winter, sure, but some lovely shots of spring, summer and fall to fill your eyes with colour.

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