Norwood Fair (and photo workshop)

01_merry_go_roundAh, the Norwood Fair.

An annual outing for me and for many.

With Merry-go-rounds …

02_taffy_pullAnd taffy pulls …

03_tractor_manAnd tractor pulls …

I can’t miss the colour, the animals and the atmosphere.

04_senior_precisionThis year I caught the “Senior Women’s Precision Drill” put on by Stillbrook Riding Stables.

The average age of the women in this demonstration is 63 years.

05_senior_precisionI got a bit teary eyed as they rode their pattern and hoped that, at 63 and older, I will be doing just this thing.

06_ferris_ridesAnd, of course, there are rides at the fair.

07_ferrisI’d never been on the ferris wheel at Norwood Fair.

08_fair_from_aboveThis year I went up.

09_fair_groundsSuch a great view of the fair grounds, the rides, the midway and the beautiful fall landscape beyond Norwood.

10_heavy_horseAnd, as always, I go to see the horses.

I put up a post last year of the heavy horse pull; one of my favourite events.

This year I spent a bit more time checking out the giant beasts in the trailering area.

11_heavy_horsesSo huge. So handsome. So lovely.

And just in case you were wondering how they move those giant one tonne pumpkins…

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Oh, and I’m giving my three part photography workshop again this year in November. If you’ve ever wanted to hone your photography technical skills, here’s a friendly and affordable opportunity.


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