Artsweek (Esp. Dayjob)

image of secret box with abandoned art for Artsweek 2014Artsweek Peterborough launched today and the first thing that happened is someone found this box.

I was hired to take some archival photos of the launch and promotions for the upcoming events.

image of Bill Kimball promoting Totally Multi Cabaret for Artsweek 2014This is Bill Kimball standing in front of a display for the Totally Multi “Art Cabaret” that’s happening next weekend.

It’s going to be a multi-media variety show which sounds like it’s going to be a fun night of mayhem.

image of slam poets promoting Tapestry for Change for artsweek 2014These are members of the Peterborough Poetry Slam Collective promoting Tapestry for Change, a series of workshops and poetry nights.

image of Liz Fennel and Annie Jeager promoting the Dayjob Project for Artsweek 2014This is Liz Fennel and Annie Jeager promoting The Dayjob Project, which, I must add, features some lovely portrait photography of mine that I’m quite proud of.

The opening is tomorrow from 6-9 at the Gallery in the Attic. Come out and say hello.

image of Matthew Hayes and Andrea Koteles promoting Artsweek 2014 Electric City Walking TourAnd here are “Matthew Hayes” and “Andrea Koteles” promoting The Electric City Walking Tour which is a guide that will take you through Peterborough with stories about Peterborough’s past, and past inhabitants.

It’s possible while you’re on that walking tour you might run into one of the pieces from the Art Abandonment Project.

What was in that box in the first photo? Abandoned Art, of course.

image of Artsweek 2014 Abandonned and Found Art The finder of the box got to take home this beautiful vase.

So have a look at the full schedule of events for the coming week.

If you look closely,  you might see a box and find yourself taking home a beautiful work of art. Even if you don’t find a box, you’ll find yourself enjoying some beautiful works of art.

Make a date or two. There’s a lot to take in and it will make you happy you live in Peterborough.


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