Haliburton Dusk (Dances) – Also – Storefront Call for Photographers

unquiet_01Dusk Dances is in Haliburton this week.

The shows have been great and really well received. Above are Brendan Wyatt and Sylvie Bouchard (company director as well as performer this year) in Denise Fujawara‘s esoteric and compelling “Unquiet Winds.”

unquiet_02The audience so far this year has been big and supportive and game for everything that’s being presented.

Although some take a bit of a break between pieces…

pooch_in_head_lake… like this lovely pooch cooling off in Head Lake behind the onstage action…

dan_watching… and Dan Watson, who plays “the Colonel,” our host each evening. Here he’s taking a moment before his next intro.

What do you think he’s looking at?

Perhaps he’s contemplating the beautiful dusk.


Peterborough Storefront Photography Project – Round Two

Also! I’m going to have another round of the Peterborough Storefront Photography Project. Send in your proposals this week!


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