Courage Peterborough and Buddy Wakefield

em_courageThis is Em Glasspool who is the accidental instigator of a movement.

Courage Peterborough is an organization that is working to deal with street harassment and hate crimes.

Last night there was a benefit event at The Venue.

liz_courageAt the event there was a “photo booth” where people volunteered for portraits while holding a white board with comments about harassment.

This is Liz Fennel of the Darkroom Project who was working as photographer.

wes_courageOn stage there were many acts in support of the cause, hosted by Wes Ryan of the Peterborough Poetry Slam, above, and featuring Buddy Wakefield.

buddy_wakefield_posingI am a follower of the photographer’s “rule” that if your photo isn’t good, get closer to your subject, so I got myself as close to the stage as possible.

Mr. Wakefield took exception to this and offered to let me do an impromptu “shoot” and then take my rightful place away from the stage.

The best posed shoot I’ve done in a long time.

buddy_wakefield_liveOnce I was safely out of sight he began his animated, entertaining and enlightening performance.

If you get a chance to see Buddy perform, do it.

If you’re in Peterborough and want to help discourage random acts of harassment, get in touch with Courage Peterborough. Let’s put an end to drive by shoutings, rude comments and violence in the streets.


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