Erring on the Mount: Dreaming

erring_orphans_dream“Dreaming With the Orphans”

After Erring on the Mount was over and much of the work had been cleared out, I had the chance to take some time to document the empty building.

I took a moment at the end of the evening to make this long exposure photograph of Laurel Paluck’s “Dream Machine: Sleep Now” interactive installation.

erring_fall_from_lightThe Mount Community Centre building was host to a weekend festival of art, performance and interactive experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

Above is “The Fall,” an interactive installation created by Gillian Turnham and Hartley Stevenson in honour of the memory of Brion Wagner. It includes a slinky run and a marble running “rube goldberg machine.”

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As well as helping out with the event technically, I was given the opportunity to create a mural that ran through the entire building.

It linked all of the pieces together like a path. The photo above shows, in a somewhat awkward way, how it looked along one set of walls.

erring_kimEach artist chose or was assigned a symbol like this violin requested by Kim Blackwell for her piece, “Les Soeurs” …

erring_dave01… this bread truck for Dave Maher, which drives on the same “roadway” as …

erring_dave02… this image of a little toy car that belonged to his father, who is the subject of Maher’s installation …

erring_deb… which links, via the roadway becoming a ribbon of ink, to Deb Reynold’s typewriter, the symbol for her piece, “Questions That Have No Right to Go Away.”

erring_mount_hallwayThe building, empty for the previous five years, is in need of some repair.

Fortunately it’s going to be saved by the Mount Community Centre and turned into a centre for living, working and services.

erring_mount_sunsetAlthough the official end of Erring on the Mount has passed, I don’t believe this is the end of Erring and certainly not the end of this incredible set of historically significant buildings.


  1. …I was transported and transfixed by the images and emotive interactive pieces of the ‘Erring’ project…overwhelmed, as well…I took away many thoughts and fragments and snippets of song, returning a few days later to wander and sing amongst the echoes and dream reverberations….

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