Peterborough Slam (Very Late Post)

So I’ve been so busy these last two weeks with Erring on the Mount that I wasn’t able to post my blog photo. It’s the first time in almost five years that I’ve missed a post.

Next week I’ll be posting some photos of what I’ve been up to out at the convent, but for now, I’m presenting you with my two week old photos of the Peterborough Poetry Slam finals.

slam01A poetry slam is a competition of poets who present impassioned spoken word pieces to a throng of audience members, some of whom are recruited as judges.

slam02Here our host chooses the poet’s order of presenting by pulling their names out of a bag.

slam03This is an audience member/judge “calibrating” their scoring after the reading by a “sacrificial poet,” a volunteer poet who is the first one to present giving the judges a chance to see where they land in the group of five or six judges.

Scores are given out of a possible ten points. This judge appears to be somewhat tough.

slam04This is Kate, presenting her piece with all the flare and gusto she can muster.

slam05This is Beth giving it her best.

Subject matter can range from social justice to wrestling to favourite pastimes and pet peeves.

slam06This is Wes Ryan who was judged to be the slam final champion.

slam07After the poets finished the competition, Andre Prefontaine recited an excellent series of poems, rants and haiku.

slam08It’s a fine evening of great words. Check out the Peterborough Poetry Slam’s Facebook page for information about upcoming events.

Get in touch if you’re a poet and want to face the judges. It’s not entirely painless, but it’s a really good time.


  1. Wow Esther. These are some fantastic photos. Love the blurry Bobby Watson framed in the crook of the judge’s arm. You really picked great moments to capture expressions from Wes, Kate, and Andre. These are terrific.

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