Wearable Art 2014

wearable_sarahI went to perform my duty as Paparazzi at Public Energy’s Wearable Art Show last weekend and there were, as always, some fabulously creative constructions put together by the participants.

This one, above, is Sarah MacNeilly sporting a sophisticated “mop topped” gown created by and from The Sapphire Room.

wearable_katieThis is Katie O’Rourke armoured in gear put together by Catalina Motta & Rebecca Padgett with supplies from The Night Kitchen.

wearable_amberAnd this incredible frock was put together by Amber Conlon with gear from the The Endeavour Centre with Merrett’s Home Building Centre.

The show is always a fun evening and it’s easy to get involved. Contact Public Energy if you’re interested in next year’s show.


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