Little Fire, Winnie Brave, Flooding and First Crocus

Last weekend I went to see Little Fire at the Barbeside. This quartet, headed by Charlie Maine, presents some solid, blues and soul based pop.

Charlie has a great voice and Dave and Aaron there in the background are excellent musicians.

If you have the chance, go check out Little Fire.

And after Little Fire, Winnie Brave from Orillia took the corner stage.

The ensemble put together a fine set of tunes to fill out the room.

Speaking of the Barbeside, it’s a fine place to settle in comfortably for a few beverages. It’s located right there in Catalina Hair Salon, where you can also enjoy a glass of wine while you get your hair done.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a drink in a salon? Really, now, why wouldn’t you? Especially if there’s such fine music playing.

The waters that were rising over the last weeks hit their peak in the last few days.

The level is going down now, but for a while there, it looked like it might rise to engulf much of East City.

And, each year I try to post a photo of the first croci (crocuses?) that come up in my garden.

I didn’t get a chance to snap the couple that were blooming last week, so here, a week late, is my handsome fellow, Tesla, posing along side this year’s first batch of brightness.


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