Snow Days

snow_dawnI’ve been up at dawn each day this month.

Well, actually before dawn.

Enough before dawn to watch the sky go from night blackness through that dim blue into a brief riot of colour as the sun launches into day.

snow_driveI’ve been driving through the winter with a show. Beau Dixon’s Beneath Springhill. We’re taking it to schools throughout Ontario and we’ve been trekking through some terrible weather.

Yes, it’s been a long cold winter to be sure.

snow_walk3Deep snow everywhere and not much ease in getting around.

snow_walk2But still there are moments when it’s worth going out for a walk.

snow_walkCertainly the dogs, the everlovin’ snow dogs, don’t seem too put off.

It may be deep. It may be cold. But if you dress yourself warmly and take your time and find the right path, there’s a lot of beauty to be seen out there.


  1. Well said, Erin -er, I mean Esther! (LOL) -Are you sure you didn’t secretly audit some of the aforementioned’s English courses???? … And Beautiful pics, too (but that’s ALWAYS to be expected 🙂 )

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