Beth McCubbin: “Materials which change history”

beth01This is Circus, a wonderful store on George Street in Peterborough. If you’re looking for unique things for your home, this is a great place to start.

On the wall above the display case is “Materials Which Change History” by Beth McCubbin.

beth02The ceramic based work, originally part of Still ReFrame, curated by Liz Fennel of Gallery in the Attic, focuses on “human-extracted and human-altered materials which have affected all life on this planet”. (KawarthaNow)

beth03Each tile details one of the materials that has been extracted, used and altered by us, but that has also, in that use, altered us and the planet.

beth04It’s up at Circus (382 George St. N) at least until the end of February.

Take a moment, when you’re downtown, to drop in an have a look.


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