The Mount Community Centre

msj_01This is the chapel of the now deconsecrated Mount Saint Joseph Convent.

The Sisters of St. Joseph have moved into a new building and the old buildings are going to be converted into a community centre.

msj_02Here’s the chapel from the balcony facing toward the space where the altar stood.

msj_03Right now, the buildings are cold and empty.

msj_04But soon the stairs will ring with the sound of art making and performance.

Before the transition to The Mount Community Centre is complete, local performance presenter Public Energy is going to be creating “Erring on the Mount,” a performance and art event that will take audiences through the meandering hallways, rooms, auditoriums, and mysterious nooks and crannies of the various buildings that make up The Mount.

msj_05Mark your calendars for the end of May to come to the Mount to see what the arts community of Peterborough dreams up over the course of spring. It’s certain to be an experience.


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