You Think It’s Cold

image of roofers working in freezing coldWe’ve had two weeks (at least) of extreme cold.

If you think that your commute to work, or other regular tasks have been difficult over this time, imagine if you were working outside. On a roof. Carrying shingles.

image of roofers working in freezing coldThat’s what these gentlemen of J Bex Contracting have been doing across the street from me.

I asked if I could take a few photos and they said yes, not sure why I would want to.

image of roofer working in freezing coldIt’s not everyone who can be up before the sun to spend their days in hypothermia conditions nailing in little nails and slicing shingles.

I say, “Way to work it, gentlemen!”

I can’t imagine how good that end of day cup of something warm feels when you’re done.

image of sunset in winter from london street, peterboroughMeanwhile, just as their work day is ending, the last rays of warming sun sink down behind the west end of Peterborough.

image of sunset in winter from dublin street, peterboroughThe last really cold night before the January thaw this weekend.

Keep warm, all. And consider the crossing guards, mail carriers, construction workers, garbage and recycling collectors and other folks who have been out in that cold getting things done.

May the rest of the winter be more forgiving.


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