End Of the Ice Storm (Until Next Time)

image of landscape through ice on tree branchI got back to Peterborough last week just before the weather warmed up and all the ice melted.

Above is Rice Lake distorted through a coating of ice on a branch beside the frozen water. (If you click on the photo to look at it close up, you can see the horizon, trees and branches.)

image of snowmobiles on rice lakeEverything was topped by a thick layer of ice. Not wrapped in ice, like the storm last year, but resting on top. The ground, too, was iced. These snowmobilers must have been having a great time out on the lake.

image of a lone tree in an icy landscapeThis tree had a golden halo as the sun pushed through the clouds illuminating it’s icy branches and making the field below it look almost warm.

It wasn’t.

image of rural road after an ice stormThe roads were lined with ice covered trees and scrub.

image of snow covered field under clouds and blue skyAcross the entire landscape, fences, forests, every inch of everything had a layer of glimmering ice.

Beautiful. Very, very cold. But beautiful.


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