Cabin in the Woods (Also Black Honey show reminder)

360° image of a cabin in the winter woods
click image to see full size

This is the beautiful cabin in the woods that a friend and I stayed at this week.

It was a perfect few days of warm winter weather with a dusting of snow on everything.

image of winter forest sceneWe went for a walk through the woods and found this watered clearing with the light hitting the treeline in just such a way.

image of a path through the woods in winterIt clouded over as we headed back, but it was still picture postcard magic to walk through.

image of ice on foliageEven the little bits of ice clinging to the winter foliage sparkled.


Also, don’t forget to stop by Black Honey before the 15th to see the show I have up. Lots of nice little photos on blocks that would make excellent Holiday gifts.


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