Winter, Snow, Geese, Tree and Dogsnowfight

snowgeeseA few days ago, there was very little snow on the ground but a lot of fine grains blowing in the cold, cold wind.

These well camouflaged geese were stocking up on the last bits of corn left in this field, preparing for the colder days to come.

2013snow01A yesterday we woke up to proper snow.

The landscape is looking very wintery indeed.

snowdogfight01These two were loving it, however.

snowdogfight03Livened by the cold air and the cushion of snow they were embroiled in battle.

snowdogfight02Tearing around in fits of barks and growls, they were really enjoying the day.

snowdogfight00Of course, not so caught up in the game that this guy couldn’t take a moment to say hi.

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