Occupy Jackson Park and The Darkroom Project Portrait Day

image of occupier, lester alfonso, in jackson parkThis is Lester Alfonso. He’s initiated the thing that is Occupy Jackson Park.

image of occupier, lester alfonso, in jackson parkThis is a small part of Jackson Park.

image of monahan road leading up to parkway proposal siteIt’s threatened by a parkway.

There are some folks on City Council who would see a four lane bridge over the park in order to shave off 5 – 7 minutes of the drive from the ‘high traffic’ Monaghan Road you see above, to the other side of the park.

image of occupier, lester alfonso, in jackson parkThere are many opponents, and although they have been given some opportunities to voice their opinions, Council is still bent on proceeding with plans to go ahead with the bridge in spite of not seeking alternatives or hearing arguments against – economic, social and environmental – and in spite of the fact that the park is one of the City’s best known treasures.

Learn more about it in this video.

And look for calls for more Occupy Jackson Park dates, public meetings and opportunities to discuss the issues. If you’re in Peterborough and you want a world that respects urban green space, now’s a really good time to put your body where your ideals are.


In other news … The Darkroom Project

image of film shoot at the darkroom project, peterboroughLast weekend saw the first Darkroom Project Portrait shoot.

The darkroom is in the historically designated Roy Studio building, site of Canada’s longest continuously operating darkroom. There are a group of dedicated individuals (full disclosure – I’m one of them) working to keep the darkroom running.

image of film shoot at the darkroom project, peterborough
If you’re interested in getting involved, email info@thedarkroomproject.ca or get in touch with me and I’ll hook you up.

Next Portrait Day is going to be February 14th. The perfect day for bringing back the romance of traditional darkroom photography.


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