Adelaide Street Clouds, Commissioners Road On Fire

image of train going under the adelaide street overpass and a stormIn London visiting mom. I stopped on the Adelaide Street overpass to catch the rain/snow clouds as they gathered in the north-west.

image of train going through london, ontarioA very long train was sliding slowly through the city under the bridge.

image of commissioners road, london, looking east at sunsetBy the time I got back to my mom’s neighbourhood, the sun was just at the horizon and was lighting the suburbs with it’s glow.

image of commissioners road, london, looking west at sunsetTo the west, the sky was on fire.

image of police car driving through commissioners and pond mills, londonBut clearly, it was just the sky. This cruiser was fast on it’s way to an emergency in the other direction.

I’ve always loved this brief moment of the day when the light in the sky is just the same value at the lights on the street. It’s like there are pin holes in the veil of reality and the light of everything is shining through.

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