Jim and Pete (Norwood Fair)

close up image of heavy horse harness, martingaleThe Norwood Fair. One of my favourite weekends. I love everything about it. The fairway, the rides, the craft barn, the greasy food, donuts, apples, all of it. But mostly I love the horses.

close up image of heavy horse harness, martingaleThis is Jim. Or Pete. I’m not sure which. Isn’t he handsome? I was totally drawn to him and his team-mate when I was walking around the trailers checking out the beasts.

They’re huge. I’ve worked around some big horses in my time, but these were by far the biggest I’ve ever had the chance to stand next to. I could barely reach his poll to give it a scratch. He had to bend his head down to me.

image of heavy horsesThis is Jim and Pete together walking up to the boat (a flat bottomed sled that gets weighted down with concrete blocks) for the first time.

Did I mention they’re huge?

image of heavy horse draw, Norwood FairThis is them running away with 3500 pounds like it isn’t even there.

image of heavy horse draw, norwood fairHere they are pulling some 7000 or 7500 pounds.

image of heavy horses pulling 9500 poundsAnd this is the final round. The winning round. Yes, my friends Jim and Pete took away the prize by pulling 9500 pounds seven feet 11 inches.

They do look like they’re working for it.

There’s more to the fair than horses, so here are a few snaps of some of the other things. Well, and a lot of snaps of the horses. Really, I’m there for the horses.

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