Head O’ The Trent

This last weekend was Head of the Trent. An event that most of Peterborough associates with copious drinking and obnoxious student behaviour.

However, it is actually a rowing regatta. And although last Saturday threatened rain, the weather was lovely.

If you get yourself to a spot on the Otonabee south of campus, you can avoid the ruckus and sit in the autumn trees watching the rowers go by with the shouts of the coxes echoing across the banks and the slap and splash of the oars hitting the water’s surface.

It’s a lovely, calming way to spend an afternoon.

A complete contrast to the hullabaloo that takes over the city outside of the actual event.

If you get the chance next year, choose this weekend to go for a stroll through the Trent Hills and check out the endurance and athleticism. It’s worth the drive past the “Honk and We’ll Chug” signs.

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