I’ve Looked at (These) Clouds From Both Sides Now

storm_startI was out running errands with the weather folks saying that a storm was on its way.

It was hot, humid and so close you could reach out and grab it. But no sign of storm clouds until I turned east on Lily Lake Road and this beauty was billowing up out of the haze.

storm_start_westIn the other direction something else looked like it was brewing slowly.

storm_northI headed south to my last stop and after about a half hour I looked in my rear view and saw what had been that sweet, puffy billow expanding into this giant monster.

storm_southFive minutes later, my last errand completed, I headed north again and drove through the storm. I could see the other side even through the sheets of rain that almost forced me to pull over.

I made it through and just far enough to look south and see the north side of the same cloud I had just passed underneath still pouring it’s thunder and lighting across the countryside.

storm_south_midIt was passing east, leaving glistening early fall fields behind it.

storm_south_eastAnd then it was gone. The sun pushed through the leftover haze and lit the world with all it’s warm, seductive colours.

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