Storefront Photo Preview, Cambridge (EnRoute) and Pond Mills (Almost There)

image of PSPP wallThe first day of viewing for the Peterborough Storefront Photography Project is today from noon to 7pm.

As this article mentions, the opening is Monday evening from 7 to 10pm. (420 George Street, North, Peterborough). Come on out if you can. It’s a great show.

image of clouds over the cambridge enroute stopAfter getting the show up and doing some promo, I came back to London to visit mom again.

On the way, the clouds looked ominous.

image of car under clouds on Hwy 401I  stopped at a roadside truck stop for a snack and to snap some pics.

But the clouds completely dwarfed the cars and tucks.

image of two truck on 401The highway was busy.

But not so much that I didn’t notice this (sort-of) optical illusion of a carrier truck not really carrying another truck.

image of hydro wires as the sun turns the autumn grasses goldenBy the time I reached London, the clouds had mostly blown over.

image of hydro wires as the sun turns the autumn grasses goldenThe sun was glowing and casting a gorgeous light on the first of the fall colours in the plants and grasses by the side of Highbury in Pond Mills.

The seasons, they be changing…

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