Closer to Home

image of bee on sunflowerSo I’m home again. And after being gone for so long, I’m turning my eye to the very close at hand.

My garden.

close up image of sunflower going to seed
That bee clearly loves the sunflowers as much as I do.

image of castor bean leaf and developing seed pod
It’s an interesting time of year. Some plants have finished flowering, some are just starting.

image of shasta daisy bloom
Some are in mid bloom.

close up image of fading wild rose flowers
Some are fading slowly.

close up image of a hydrangea
But even as they lose their colour and turn rusted and pale, they still show all their intricate beauty.

close up image of ripening tomatoOf course, other things are just starting to take on their fullness. Can’t wait ’till this one is ready for picking.


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