More Tour Cell Snaps

withrow01Again, so little time this week. And I don’t dare keep my camera in the truck with the hundreds of pounds of gear lest it get crushed.

So here I present three more wee snap shots.

Above, the western sky as our dress rehearsal began this week on Tuesday.

And this is the eastern sky on opening night.

withrow03And this is the crowd last night just before they moved to the final piece.

It’s been such a great tour so far and this last week has been no exception. I’m hoping things continue to go smoothly this weekend and I can sneak my Canon into the park one evening to catch some quality pictures of the show.

If so, I’ll have them for you next weekend.

‘Till then, enjoy your long weekend and if you’re in Toronto, come out to Withrow Park at 7 each night to see the show.

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