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gull01Traveling this month with Dusk Dances. This week, Vancouver.

Checked in to the hotel room, opened the sliding door onto the balcony (balcony! an 8th floor room with a balcony!) to let in some air, sat down to unpack and heard a quiet flapping.

I nudged my way over to the opening and poked my head out and there was this gentleman having a good look right back at me.

This tune immediately came into my head.

gull02He hung around for a bit. Let me take a few snaps and then was off with a squawk. Clearly he was boasting about his ability to fly over yonder rooftops to see the mountains from over their peaks.

portsideOf course, the view of the mountains isn’t too bad from down here, either.


If you’re in Vancouver you might want to come down to Portside Park at 7pm to see the family friendly Dusk Dances. The dance is lovely, the music is fun and the backdrop is unbeatable.

For those of you in Ottawa, we’ll be there next week.


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