Solstice Skies (Storefront Photo Call Reminder – 3 days left)

black and white image of field and cloudsIt was a very Summer Solstice day. Bright with just a touch of haze.

I don’t usually shoot for black and white. My love affair with colours is too deep. But the high hanging, high contrast sun, the low silvery clouds and the haze on the horizon just asked to be turned into layers of grey.

black and white image of vapour trail in cloudy sky over farm fieldThis vapour trail seems to be casting a hint of a shadow on the haze. The sun is so high and so bright and there are so many layers of clouds, it’s hard to tell what’s really happening up there.

image of airplane silhouetted in clouded skyOf course, if you’re up there, you’ve got the best view in the world.


Also, don’t forget to make a submission to the Peterborough Storefront Photography Project. The deadline is on Monday, so get your application together.


And one other thing – if you like skies and are in the London area, check out my mom‘s exhibition at Museum London.

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